Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Respectfully attired, we enter the beautiful Grand Palace located in Bangkok, Thailand astonished by the architecture and murals. The palace houses the tranquil Emerald Buddha. Thailand is also the home of featured jewelry designer Sasina Leerasawatdiampon (a/k/a Sasina).

With regard to jewelry initially the impact of color registers with me on a subliminal level.

I merely saw color as part of the overall aesthetic without fully realizing the layer of depth and dimension color adds. Viewing Sasina's beautiful array of handmade jewelry certainly reinforces this newfound realization.

She works primarily with a variety of multi-colored pearls including gold, rosy pink, purple, green, and of course creamy white. Each color is evocative in its own right; lighter tones add an ethereal effect while darker colors evoke fire and passion.

Sasina also explores combining other gemstones like garnets, carnelian, citrine, and lapis, alongside the pearls. She arranges the stones in clusters, chandelier, and fishnet designs that are vivid interpretations of sunrises, flowers, grapes, and waterfalls.

Her inspired creativity and artistic gifts were evident in her youth.  "My parents use to have a big garden filled with fruits and flowers," she says. "This is the kind of environment I grew up in, one where I could walk and admire the beautiful flowers.

One day I was getting an outfit together for a party, so I decided to use some of the flowers as accessories. I made some jewelry with them, and everyone at the party admired my creations so much."

As the years progressed, Sasina continued experimenting with varied design options in her spare time. After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, she took a position with a finance company to earn enough money to start her own business. Though she remained with the company for several years, the experience caused her to long for creating baubles.

"I missed being able to design. I was the youngest member of my team and was required to do everyone else's tasks. I was under a lot of stress," she says.

Along with the careful selection of gemstones, that include reconstituted turquoise, Sasina aligns each stone along gossamer strands creating designs that are vibrant, feminine and a feast for the eye.

"I love jewelry. I have been fashion-conscious and loved beauty for a long time," she says.

"Earrings are my favorite because it subtly decorates the wearer. I believe in the power of stones and include at least one type of lucky stone to attract good things."
Photo 1 (top right): Iridescent Pearls and Lapis Lazuli Celebration Earrings
Photo 2 (bottom left): Pearl and Blue Topaz Rushing River Cluster Necklace
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