Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Get ready to explore because today we stand within the Museum and Art Gallery in Bristol, England. The museum is housed inside an Edwardian Baroque building and there is plenty to learn throughout its floors. England is also home to featured jewelry designer Sue Gregor.

Gregor's airy jewelry evoke sunshine, and women clothed in sundresses strolling casually along the beach. I am sure her beautifully structured cuff bracelets are just gorgeous when sunlight hits them!

However, Gregor's pieces come from a heavy emotional place. "My inspiration to create work is to share what has cheered me up and got me through the tough times we all experience in life," she says.

A truly gifted artist, Gregor expresses her creative energy through wall pieces, and functional items like bowls. For her jewelry, Gregor developed a "method of dying and embossing glass quality acrylic, which I call 'fossilized plastic'."

Her remarkable 'fossilized' cuff bracelets are made with actual leaves encased in acrylic plastic. Gregor also adds accents of explosive color like golden yellows, pinks, blues, and greens with results that are captivatingly beautiful.

"I enjoy creating rich surfaces which contain high definition. For the surface pattern, I choose quite ordinary plants and weeds or textiles, using them to create the detailed relief on the surface. Through this method I try to share my appreciation in the beauty of the world around us," she says.

She also creates double-sided necklaces, with one side highlighting a plant motif and the other side displaying "1960s lace." Gregor says this of the pieces, "I wanted them to seem as if they are lined but they can be worn either way so it is like having two necklaces."

Gregor also designs brooch pins, cuff bracelets that feature colorful string encased in acrylic, and handbags.

For three years, Gregor has showcased her exuberant jewelry at numerous exhibitions: the contemporary arts center Arnolfini, European Textiles Network; Royal West of England Academy in Bristol; and the Bovey Tracey Craft Fair.
Photo 1 (top right): Red Sage Hydrangea Pendant Necklace
Photo 2 (bottom left): Black Ginger Roman Cuff Bracelet
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