Celebrities Do Not Make Jewelry Great or Relevant, Designers Do

The idea for this blog began in September 2008 while randomly looking up jewelry designers on the internet.   As I read about the history of longstanding jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels I was affected by the passion and dedication of its founders. 

As I continued reading about jewelry designers from around the world I was struck by a common thread: a sincere love for this art form.   Many come from different professional backgrounds—architect, screenwriter, and marketing executive--but that intense creative spark is the same.

A single piece of jewelry can express a designer’s personality, cultural background, and embody a jeweler's thoughts on societal ills making their creations distinctive and one-of-a-kind.  

Having spent quite a number of years working as a legal administrative assistant, I am obviously not an "industry insider” which provides this blog with a different point of view.

I am not opposed to mentioning the celeb clientele of a jewelry designer or citing jewelry brands worn by actors in a feature film or television show; however, solely seeking out designer jewelry worn by celebrities is not my interest or objective. 

My goal is for visitors to come away from this blog having learned a little something about the men and women who invest their time and mental energy developing future heirlooms, expressions of love and contemporary art pieces.  

Although I agree that celebrities can expose a jewelry brand to a wider audience, I believe a great design has the strength to stand on its own regardless of who is wearing it.

- Carlotta


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